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Select Jewels, ethical jewelry line "Ayurveda Inspiration" with its own collection and a fully customized design; 24K Bathed Gold and Sterling Silver with precious gemstones and fire enamel techniques on metals.

Through our exclusive collection we want to express four pillars that we consider essential when creating "Moments for a Lifetime"

Handcrafted design and creation

Our jewelry is created by hand offering a delicate treatment in the design and creation of each piece, unique to Select Jewels by Alohanatura. We are inspired by the feelings and emotions of our customers to create unique personalized jewelry.


We offer our customers unique jewelry with its own limited edition design.


All our jewelry has the corresponding "punxonat" quality seal that accredits the quality of the materials for the realization of our designs.


The creation of all jewels is carried out under the commitment of responsibility and sustainability.

Cruelty free

For the creation of the design of our jewelry we do not use products of animal origin following our commitments of responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainable packaging

We reduce environmental impact because we don't use fossils because we reduce the impact of the carbon footprint. Our boxes take up infinitely less volume than any other un folded packaging. The space occupied in transport is less and fuel consumption and pollution is reduced. 100% of our packaging is recyclable because they are made of wood and tannery.


Esmaltado a fuego

Fire enamel is an ancient technique that is applied in jewelry, and is usually on precious metals such as silver or gold, where it acquires its greatest virtuosity.
A glass of many warm and that has been ground very, very fine is the starting point for enamel work on fire. After being carefully washed to prevent impurities from grinding, it is applied mixed with distilled water, then making different layers on the metal, depending on the design, so that it can melt into temperatures ranging from 750oC to 880oC, depending on the color of the glass being worked.

The Romans and the Greeks already knew and used, in their jewellery, these techniques of work that reached their maximum splendor during the Middle Ages, highlighting the enamels of Limoges, in France, and those of the school of Silos in Spain

Técnicas de esmaltado a fuego

I pleated a jour / Enamelled in the air

Enamel is the fusion of powdered glass mixed with different chemical elements to provide the desired color, made especially for metals. The glass can be applied using various techniques, for all methods heat is used to melt this glass powder and that this vuleva to crystallize.

Enamel is the ancient art of creating beautiful images with finely crushed and sifted vitreous materials, often the enameler applies powder enamel clumped with distilled water on the surface of the jewel in a previously plotted design, creating wonders, miniature artwork. Although the earliest known enamels were created in Ancient Egypt 81500 a.C.) the art of painting has continued to be practiced for centuries to this day.

Over time the art of enamel has evolved with changes in technologies, history and fashion. Two of the most beautiful enamel techniques are: "Pliqué a Jour" and Champlevé", techniques used in the design and creation of the "Ayurveda Inspiration" Collection of our signature Select Jewels by Alohanatura.


Champlevé is an enamel technique used in decorative arts, or an object produced using that process, in which cells are carved, engraved, beaten or produced during casting on the surface of a metal object, the cells are then filled with vitreous enamel.

Champlevé is a technique of enamelling in the decorative arts, or an object made by this process in which the channels are carved, engraved or molded on the surface of a metal object, and filled with vitreous enamel.

It was first used in Celtic art for geometric designs. In Romanesque art, its potential was made the most of, decorating plates and vessels, in Limoges enamel and in other centers.


The technique of "fenestrado", "plique-a-jour" in French, means "Daylight", or also called "stained glass" for its aesthetic resemblance to stained glass windows, is considered the most complex technique of enamel in jewelry: the enamel is suspended in the alveoli or hollow thanks to the surface tension of the distilled water containing the enamel, lacking this base or metal bottom that holds it , and must be placed very dry in the oven to cook at 780-800oC in a few minutes.

It is an enamel technique that allows the enamel to be placed giving the appearance of a stained glass window, i.e. a transparency that lets in the light.

Its main quality and the characteristic that makes it so precious is that it lets light pass through the enamels, creating a really beautiful and surprising effect.

The realization of this type of pieces is slower than other works, so the value of these pieces lies in the high technical quality of the craftsman.

This type of enamel is characteristic of Modernism and its main exponent is found in René Lalique.

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